What our clients say...

Landlord - February 2019

Dear Laura and Georgina

Just to say many thanks for all you have done for us in finding 2 such nice tenants, hopefully they will both work out well.

Georgina you have been an absolute pleasure to work with on these projects, extremely professional and always cheerful which has been great as I know it has not been the easiest for you.

Great team Laura, speaks volumes.

Peter (Landlord) - September 2018


Thanks for the paperwork and first statement. All good. Initial impressions - HF are very professional. Thank you.

I would just like to say that Georgina has been a pleasure to work with and a credit to your Company. Best, Peter.

Lizzie (Landlord) - May 2018

I have had a lovely tenant and she really looked after the house for me. It was a pleasure to work with you all. Kind regards.

John (Landlord) - May 2018

As Landlords we have used hf Lettings services for 9 years. The service has been professional and thorough. Would highly recommend.

Mike (Landlord) - 24th February 2017

Yes we completed on 23 Feb 17 as planned so happy for you to release the full deposit held. Thanks again for managing our property in Corsham for the past 8 years. Regards.

Kim (Landlord) - 1st November 2016

I have just returned from New Zealand and I am truly sorry that you were not the agents to let the above property on this occasion. Be rest assured that I will have no hesitation in recommending HF Lettings to others and as and when this property becomes available to re-let in the future we will without doubt be choosing yourselves as agents. I must commend you both for being extremely professional ,prompt and a pleasure to work with and it is evident that you worked hard to let the property. With kind regards.

Sheila (Landlord) - 16th June 2016

Hi, Thank you for this, it does reinforce why I'm pleased to be using HF Lettings as my agency - as you take the stress out of it for me completely! Thank you.

Pauline (Landlord) - 7th September 2015

My main reasons for writing this testimonial is to express my sincere gratitude to Hf lettings for everything they have done for me so far with the letting of my cottage.

I have never let a property before so for me it was as complete minefield. I expressed my concerns to Hf and as soon as they knew they took care of everything! There wasn't anything that was a chore for them, even down to the basic jargon, reading the small print, and more important, dealing with potential tenants.

Each time a viewing was booked I was kept right up to date with any comments, positive or negative so that each time I was able to really put my property right for rental. By the time a tenant was found everything was in perfect order and I really didn't have to do a thing.

HF are as good as their word, they took over every detail and I can honestly say it was more than that. Genuine, hardworking, positive professional staff and of course Laura Larkin who is truly dynamic when it comes to getting things done! Thank you Laura! I am truly impressed and would do this all again. Thank you Hf for everything.

Patrick (Landlord) - 30th June 2015

Good morning! Thank you for this reading package – comprehensive, including Legionnaires' Disease!

I greatly enjoyed your visit as well as being impressed with the range of services hf lettings offer.
It is good to have such a clear indication of what is required when (and if!) we undertake our retirement 'gap year' in time.
I look forward to seeing you again and to meeting in due course. Best wishes

Jenny & Alan (Landlords) - May 2015

Thank so much and a very big thank to you personally for all your efforts best wishes Jenny and Alan.

Matt (Landlord) - 29th Jan 2015

Thank you again for you time and I was very impressed with what I saw and the levels of professionalism and services you offered.

Jane & Keith (Landlords) - 24th March 2015

Thank you so much for coming today and for all the information you have given us...you run a very well organised business and we will certainly be calling on you when the time comes.

We will keep in touch. Best Regards.

Sean (Landlord) - 25th March 2015

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the work that you have done for us in looking after our property. Regards.

Hazel (Landlord) - 26th March 2015

We would like to continue to rent our property and hopefully the tenants are interested in re-letting for another year. Thank you for keeping us informed and we have been really pleased with the service over the last year.

Sarah-Jane (Landlord) - 4th September 2014

Thank you so much to you and your team for everything. Really appreciate your professional and very responsive way of working.

Landlord - 24th July 2014

I am pleased to say we have decided to go with hf Lettings. Here are the reasons:

1) Quite honestly, you blew the other letting agents out of the water. They didn't stand a chance.

2) You were  honest, straight up and very knowledgable  about your subject area, and passionate. I strongly believe that if our house were in the direst of perils, you would be able to sort it out and efficiently and clearly let us know what the issues were.

3) You immediately stated you were more expensive than other agents, and the reason being, is the quality of the service you explained you provide.

I have no fear at all in leaving our house in your hands whilst we are in New Zealand. In fact your visit yesterday has restored my faith in letting agents, and has persuaded us to let out our property rather than sell it.


During the six years that we have employed the services of the HF team we can honestly say that we have received an outstanding service. Despite several changes of tenant our houses have been continuously occupied, providing a reliable income stream through HFs excellent sales and payment collection processes. The change over periods, which will almost always bring some difficulties, have been managed by HF and the team have simply taken the pain out of being a landlord.

Furthermore, we moved to the United Arab Emirates in 2012. When making the move we had the confidence that our properties were in good hands and our high expectations have certainly been met, and in many cases exceeded, through HFs full management service. The team have been proactive in raising issues and have interfaced with our tenants in a professional and firm yet understanding manner, to come to a timely and full resolution in every case. The team clearly have an excellent relationship with a number of local suppliers to enable them to achieve these excellent results. It is clear that the team take great pride in their work and certainly have made us feel like valued customers. Long may it continue!


Could I take this opportunity to thank you for your help in attempting to find a tenant for our property. We greatly appreciate your professional service which was in stark contrast to that which we received from your competitors. We wish you the best in your future business.

Nick & Ottavia (Landlords)

Thank you for all your hard work on our behalf, particularly in securing reasonable compensation for the work that needs to be done on the house and for taking care of all the little maintenance jobs carried out during the tenancy. Please extend our thanks to everybody at HF Lettings for providing an excellent service over the last eighteen months and we would not hesitate to come back to you if we need to let our house again in the future.


Thank you for all the assistance in setting up the lease of 10 Kirby Road - your Company was very professional and efficient whilst maintaining a very effective and personal service with us.

Dave (Tenant) - 22nd February 2017

Hi, thanks for sorting the renewal out, we're really happy letting through you guys, the service is by far the best we've ever had.

Tom (Tenant) - 12th December 2016

Thank you that's great news. We enjoyed our time and will be recommending HF Lettings to our friends in the Corsham area. Kind regards.

Laura (Tenant) - 12th December 2016

That is good news! Thank you for being good letting agents and please pass on our thanks to the landlord also. Merry Christmas to you all and best wishes for the new year.

Liz (Tenant) - 8th August 2016

Ahhh I read this with a tear in my eye, thank you so much for your kind words. We will miss Corsham so much and of course you as a great letting agent. It's an end of a chapter and the start of another. We will hold such happy memories of the past seven years, warmest wishes.

Dave & Amanda (Tenants) - 16th January 2016

Thanks for confirming everything. Thanks to you, we've had a really good experience renting this house through HF Lettings - a great example of how letting agents should operate as an impartial intermediary between the landlord and tenant. Very different to some of our previous experiences thankfully! Best wishes.

Lea (Tenant) - 4th November 2015

Thank you for your continued assistance in our search for a prospective rental.
You have been most helpful and one of the very few lettings agents who have kept us up to date via email with potential properties to view.
Your support has been gratefully received and your customer service exemplary. Kindest Regards.

Samantha (Tenant) - 2nd September 2015

Hi. I really do love this property and my daughter is very happy. I also would like to say that I hear lots of bad things about other estate agents but only good about yours. Many thanks.

Stephen (Tenant) - 24th March 2015

Hi, thanks for that. I look forward to the signing of the contract, and thanks for your prompt advice and efficient service which has been commendable, best regards.

Tenant - December 2014

Thank you for your quick reply, for your proactive response and for your compassion, it is the mark of a professional attitude and we really appreciate it.


Thank you to you all for being so kind and helpful during our tenancy, we will miss you!


You have been exceptionally good letting agents and we will miss not only your friendly and helpful manner but the high quality of your service.


We'd like to say a special thank you for helping to make it an enjoyable stay for us. We loved the house and thoroughly enjoyed our time there, in no small part to you and your team.

Secondly, I just wanted to say how very impressed I am with the standard of service you have provided us with whilst renting from you. Both you and Laura have been excellent help to us. In the past I have had some really bad experiences with Landlords and Letting agencies - you are like a breath of fresh air!.


Just a quick email to say THANK YOU for getting our heating sorted so quickly last week. It has taken much longer in the past, so forgive me for doubting your clearly awesome troubleshooting skills!

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